new! The Proceedings of the RAMSS 2013 Workshop are online:


  • Real-time User Modeling and Prediction: Examples from YouTube.
    Ramesh Rangarajan Sarukkai (Google Inc.)
  • SAMOA: A Platform for Mining Big Data Streams.
    Gianmarco De Francisci Morales (Yahoo! Research)

Invited papers

  • Towards Real-time Collaborative Filtering for Big Fast Data.
    Ernesto Diaz-Aviles, Wolfgang Nejdl, Lucas Drumond and Lars Schmidt-Thieme.
  • MediaFinder: Collect, Enrich and Visualize Media Memes Shared by the Crowd.
    Raphaël Troncy, Vuk Milicic, Giuseppe Rizzo and José Luis Redondo García.

Full Papers

  • Real-time Discussion Retrieval from Twitter.
    Dmitrijs Milajevs and Gosse Bouma.

Short papers

  • MJ no more: Using Concurrent Wikipedia Edit Spikes with Social Network Plausibility Checks for Breaking News Detection.
    Thomas Steiner, Seth Van Hooland and Ed Summers.
  • Detecting Real-time Burst Topics in Microblog Streams: How Sentiment can Help.
    Lumin Zhang, Yan Jia, Yi Han and Binxing Fang.